Entry #4


2009-12-26 21:43:03 by Kezelevich

If all of you here are aware that I use Fruity Loops 9 or not, I need some "food for thought."

I'm making a lifetime investment for a spectacular piece of equipment for a Hip Hop Producer, such as myself: The Roland MV-8800. For the past several weeks or so, I've done some research on the MV-8800; to my surprise it fits more of my needs than what the MPC5000 would hold.

If you didn't already know this, RZA, from the "Wu Tang Clan," has used the MV-8800 since it has been built and manufactured starting in 2003. Since then, it just APPEARS to ME, that the MV has increased in sound quality, usage, and overall existence; I am 99.99% confident that this would be a more than perfect "career investment," even acknowledging the expense is at a costly $1,995.99, brand new.

The reason I posted this is because I need an opinion based upon your point of view, weather or not you Produce, Rap, Edit, or anything that has to do with the MUSIC!

Please, opinions and feedback would be vastly appreciated.


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2009-12-27 23:12:16

Thanks everyone for not answering, now I'm sure I should or shouldn't get the ROLAND MV-8800 or the MPC5000 . :D THANKS!!! YEAH!HH!