Entry #1

You will not see any animation from me

2008-02-13 13:19:23 by Kezelevich

Unless I get a fucking tablet for once in my life. As of right now, alls I do is wack off and make beats that are good, but everyone rates'em shitty, but hey I can't complain. THEY DOWNLOAD THEM!

But yeah, once I get a tablet in the far future when I decide to get off my ass and get a job and quit smoking excessive amounts of cigarettes and drinking gallons of coffee every 3 minutes, I'll get a tablet.

Untill then.




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2008-02-18 15:16:41

Whats up guy I'm feelin the beats


2008-03-11 12:52:35

lol, you suck.

(Updated ) Kezelevich responds:

Aww, stop. You're making me blush!


2008-03-17 16:51:18

ti ne Russkiy sluchayno?